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Ramdev ends nine-day-old fast: Sri Sri Ravishankar

12 Jun

Yoga guru Ramdev today broke his nine-day-old fast even as doctors said he will be discharged from hospital in two-three days though his condition is “stable”.

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar, who met the 46-year-old yoga exponent for the third day at a Dehradun hospital, said, “Ramdev has broken his fast by taking juice. He ended the fast in the presence of various religious and spiritual leaders”.

Ramdev, who went on his hunger strike to protest against corruption and black money issues, was admitted to the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences here on Friday after his condition deteriorated at his Patanjali Yogapeeth ashram in Haridwar.

Vijay Dhasmana, the hospital director, said, “I am thankful to everyone who came here and helped Ramdev to break his fast. His health is not such that he can be discharged today.

“It will take two-three days for him to be out of this hospital. By evening he will be shifted to a deluxe general ward. His condition is stable and he has broken his fast,” he said.

The yoga exponent”s close associate Balakrishna, who also ended his fast at the hospital, said, “Ramdev has considered the request of hundreds of his followers and people from the saints” fraternity”.

He said, “He (Ramdev) will take this satyagraha forward till his last breath.

“The protest will continue till our last breath. Ramdev wants black money to be declared as national wealth constitutionally. We appeal to all our followers and other people to break their fast as well,” Balakrishna said, adding “I also thank the media for helping us in spreading the message against corruption to the masses”.


Why IPL-IV Wasn’t A Hit

10 Jun

Didn’t Cricket’s T20 format advertise itself as one modelled to ensure a nail-biting finish with the climax stretching to the last ball/last over? Perhaps why, it has stuck to the script for the last three IPL editions and doled out quite a few exciting contests and helped in promoting both the league and the format. What worked in its interest was that the quality of players didn’t seem to affect the outcome or more importantly the excitement of the game.


Unfortunately though, that didn’t seem to have been the case in the recently concluded fourth edition, which hasn’t only quashed any such definite notions about the format, but has also thwarted most of the appeal that the previous seasons had gathered. It’s alarming to note that for every one close encounter this season, there have been thrice as many one-sided affairs. This is simply anti-T20 policy. So, what has led to such a drastic change in IPL’s basic character? The obvious reason seems to be the thinning of domestic/international talent and hence the decline in quality. The player pool hasn’t swelled but the numbers of participating teams have. Let’s take a closer look.


Overseas recruits


The induction of foreign recruits in each team was not only to give the league an international touch but also to get top quality cricketers on board. It was only fair to assume that these foreign recruits would, every now and then, win the game on their own. Since only 4 overseas players were allowed in the playing XI, it was imperative to get quality cricketers on board.


But with the International commitments clashing with the IPL and the political stand-off (in case of Pakistani cricketers), top cricketers from at least three strong cricketing nations – Australia, England and Pakistan have stayed away this season. While there were still quite a few brilliant cricketers around, there were a lot of second string international recruits too.


Most teams played at least one overseas player to make up the numbers despite knowing that the player isn’t a match winner. Otherwise why would you see the likes of Mitchell Marsh, Nathan Rimmington, Mathew Wade, Davy Jacobs, Stephen O’Keefe etc playing in the IPL? I don’t mean to offend anyone but aren’t these guys just good domestic cricketers in their respective countries? Would you play them if you had International cricketers to choose from? More importantly replacing an Indian domestic player with an International ‘domestic’ player is never going to raise the standard.


Indian recruits


There’s been a lot of talk about the paucity of good Indian talent and the thinning of the existing talent (because of the increase in teams) leading to the decline in the quality. But are we really seeing things as they are or there’s more to it than what meets the eye?


Here’re a few Indian cricketers who impressed in the domestic circuit—Varun Aaron, the guy from Jharkhand, who bowled the fastest ball by an Indian. Pawan Suyal, a young left-arm seam bowler from Delhi who caught everyone’s eye in the domestic circuit. Sumit Narwal, arguably the best all-rounder in the domestic circuit this season. Pankaj Singh, the highest wicket-taker in the first-class season. Deepak Chahar, another young prodigy who took the world by storm on his debut. Abhinav Mukund, the left-hander from Tamil Nadu scored heavily for his team and South Zone.


These cricketers and many others like them were picked up by the IPL franchisees on the back of their domestic performances. But unfortunately these guys didn’t enough chances to showcase their skill in the IPL.


No, I’m not blaming the franchisees for not giving them an opportunity, since the IPL may not be about providing a platform, but winning the contests. I am only underlining the fact that certain players were stuck in a team that didn’t have a place for them in the XI. While there was a plethora of fast bowlers in Delhi Daredevils, Kings XI struggled to find decent Indian fast bowlers. Pune Warriors and CSK could easily spare a few unused batsmen which teams like DD and Kochi could have happily utilized.


When there’s an obvious scarcity, it’s unfair to hoard talent. How about having a window of trading during the IPL season to replenish the resources, for doing it after the season is a tad too late? Also, it’s imperative to ensure the availability of International players from stronger nations else we would have to entertain the thought of playing 5 overseas players instead of the existing four.

Team Anna doubts govt’s intention on Jan Lokpal Bill

6 Jun

Civil society activists led by Anna Hazare Monday boycotted the meeting of the joint drafting committee on Lokpal bill saying government’s intentions raised serious doubts about having a strong anti-corruption watchdog and protesting against the police crackdown on Ramdev. 

The activists have also sought rescheduling of the next meeting of the JDC on June 10 to some other date because of some prior engagements of Hazare. 

After a meeting of the activists, Prashant Bhushan, one of the non-official members wrote a letter to Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Chairman of JDC, saying the government desires to practically leave everyone out of Lokpal’s ambit–Prime Minister, horse trading of MPs, middle and lower bureaucracy judiciary. 

He said there was divergence even on the vision of Lokpal and if the government’s stand is accepted, Lokpal would be left to investigate the corruption of only 300-odd officers and ministers. 

“This is government’s vision for Lokpal,” the letter said. 

The letter criticised the “casual and frivolous” manner in which the government had prepared the questionnaire to the chief ministers and the political parties which has been commented upon by them also. 

Referring to the mid-night crackdown on Baba Ramdev and his followers and other issues, Bhushan said “all these developments have raised doubts in our mind whether the government was at all interested in containing corruption and having a strong Lokpal bill. 

“However, what happened on Saturday night in Ramlila Maidan have strengthened our doubts. All these developments have raised doubts about government’s intention and so we are not attending today’s meeting.” 

The next meeting is scheduled on June 10. Hazare has prior engagements from June 9-11. “So we request rescheduling of that meeting,” Bhushan said. 

While waiting for government’s response, he cautioned that time was running out and the committee was yet to finalise the basic principles behind the bill.

Bhushan said developments so far do not inspire confidence that this law would be drafted by June 30. 

In the letter, he said the civil society was told that the manner in which views of political parties and state governments would be sought would be decided in consultation with them but it did not happen. 

“We wonder whether in the history of parliamentary democracy, such an objective type questionnaire (to tick mark the right answer from the choices of a, b, c) was ever sent to the Chief Ministers and political parties before drafting any law,” he said. 

He said they were insisting from the first meeting to have serious consultations with various stakeholders, not to seek their opinion in the form of a survey questionnaire, but to do collective brainstorming with them to seek more ideas and opinions. 

“The government seems to be shying away from any kind of public debate,” he said. 

“Recent events since our last meeting don’t inspire any confidence that the government is serious enough about the Lokpal bill. Further, what happened in the Ramlila ground strengthened our doubts,” Bhushan told reporters. 

Another panel member Arvind Kejriwal alleged that the government appeared not serious on the issue and were giving “frivolous” reasons when issues were raised. 

“When we asked why they were against including judiciary under the ambit of Lokpal panel, the government side told us that two former Chief Justices J S Verma and M Venkitachellaih had written articles saying it should not be done, so we will not do,” he said. 

Asked whether there could be a middle-path to resolve the stalemate, Kejriwal said many people were asking whether the civil society would compromise. 

“We will compromise if the public says so. If the public does not want the Lokpal to investigate charges of a Prime Minister’s corruption, we are ready to drop it. If the public does not want an investigation by Lokpal the charge of a bribe given to judge, then we are ready for a compromise,” he said. 

Queried whether it was proper for the ministers of the joint panel to go ahead with the meeting when they were boycotting it, Kejriwal did not find fault with it saying the ministers can go ahead with the meeting. 

“They can go ahead with the meeting. There is nothing wrong in it. We also have sent a letter today only. They can meet,” he said. 

Narendra Modi and Adolf Hitler!

16 Apr

Narendra Modi and the rise of his party have many similarities with Adolf Hitler and rise of Nazis in Germany. Modi’s victory bodes ill for this nation.

In a state where Mahatma Gandhi was born, we have a leader now who confesses his targeting of Muslims, and yet, people vote him back into power. Hitler used to openly confess his contempt for Jews and yet people backed him. Modi is a bachelor, like Hitler. He is (supposedly) not corrupt (like Hitler). He is vegetarian (like Hitler) and has contempt for meat-eaters. He goes after his agenda which he makes it clear right in the beginning (like Hitler) and it involves targeting certain sections blaming them for all ills of the society. The economic prosperity in the land is high (like under Hitler), and his goons are ready to target and kill one community (like under Hitler) with protection from the state apparatus. Like Hitler, Modi practices and spends lot of time on mastering his oratory. Like Hitler, he creates an image and persona that is much more than the party and the ideology.

Modi is in-your-face candid about his wrongdoings (like Hitler) which people see as a sign of honesty in comparison to other weak and corrupt leaders who push the same agenda but are not honest about it. Congress and Left have no better track record when it comes to protecting the interests of minority religions in this country. Their record is same or even worse compared to that of Mr. Narendra Modi. The difference is that Narendra Modi just accepts what he does. A known, strong and honest criminal is better than a hypocrite, weak and dishonest criminal – that seems to be the attitude of Indian people.

It’s unfortunate that we have come to this. It’s unfortunate that our leaders could not set right examples. The examples of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar, Shastri, Patel, Radhakrishnan, etc, are long gone. We are bereft of good examples. When everyone is a criminal, an honest and strong one is most preferred. Hence, Narendra Modi!

Adolf Hitler came to power riding similar sympathies. When accused of bringing a government down, he honestly said, yes, and was even convicted. He did not lie. He did not falter (like what Modi did to Sohrabuddin). That brought him more public support. When Hitler spoke he did not hide his contempt for Jews, and neither did he hide his agenda on how he is going to take care of Jewish Problem. Still, the people of Germany who were surrounded by weak-hearted and corrupt leaders who would collude and make marriages of convenience just to be in power, voted this man to power because they thought he would at least tell them what he does and what he intends to do, honestly.

While some observers of the early twentieth century spelt doom on the rise of Nazis in Germany, many other politicians (in Germany and outside), weak at heart, diffident, and completely involved in their petty politics underestimated the rise of Hitler (read, Congress and the Left). They thought he was a tiny figure who will be swept away very soon. That never happened. They kept giving into his demands. He fed on that support and mass hysteria and became a megalomaniac who plunged the whole world into its greatest war which ended up killing more than 50 million people in less than ten years.

Modi is on the rise in India. It is not a good sign. It bolsters and gives support to other elements that harbor similar thoughts in India. Hindutva forces already talk about emulating and replicating Gujarat in other states of India. People explain his win as a mandate of people. That’s a sorry state of affairs. What if a majority of Indians vote to kill all the minorities in one stroke, will we accept that mandate? Is law of the land and our constitution subservient to people’s mandate? We have a skewed and distorted view of what it means to be a democracy.

Indians have not learned to draw the line between what is acceptable and what is not. Here, in Gujarat, we have blurred those lines. We have legitimized crime that targets certain people based on their identity. The future is bleak. All this economic prosperity is not going to save us. Instead, this prosperity will only fuel such hatred to take it to the next level, where state participates in marginalizing, demonizing and then targeting of certain identities

Sources – (http://sujaiblog.blogspot.com)

“Anything successful in Gujarat stands successful in India”

15 Apr

When asked that why Onida is opening its first gallery in Ahmedabad, K Sriram, Vice President, Sales, Marketing and services, MIRC Electronics(Onida) said yesterday “Anything that is successful in Gujarat stands successful in India.”

MIRC Electronics Ltd., the company that markets Onida, yesterday launched its first exclusive Onida Gallery over an 1800 sq ft area in Ahmedabad. The company has a total of 4 distributors and 125 dealers in Ahmedabad. At present, company enjoys a market share of 26% in Ahmedabad in the Air conditioner segment. It is a pioneer in this category and is the market leader in Gujarat. Onida recorded a growth of over 100% last year in Ahmedabad across all categories to emerge as a strong player in the market. As of 2010-2011, company has recorded a turnover of over Rs. 250 crore in Gujarat. While the company is planning to launch 3 more exclusive Onida galleries in Ahmedabad in the coming year, it is also going to increase its dealership base from 125 to 150.

K Sriram, Vice President, Sales, Marketing and services, MIRC Electronics(Onida) said “Anything that is successful in Gujarat stands successful in India.”

Anna’s appeal to the Nation

14 Apr

My dear fellow citizens,


I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your overwhelming support for the Jan Lokpal movement,  making the Tantra (the System) appreciate the power of the Lok (the People) as is befitting the world’s largest and greatest Loktantra (democracy).


Our victory so far over corruption, falsehood, injustice, and oppression is indisputable and unprecedented. But it is also clearly evident that there is handful of people who are already active trying to create schisms in this great coming together of all sections of our society to fight for a corruption-free future. This handful of people wants to break up our collective power and try to create discord.


One way for them to try to break up our collective power is to spread disinformation and rake up issues that will distract attention from the fight against corruption towards individuals and extraneous matters.


It is important that we are able to see through their designs. We need to not only frustrate their plans but also keep our collective enthusiasm at a level that must keep rising.


Our victory so far bears out that we have chosen the right and noble way forward for our country, but our destination is way ahead. We cannot afford to dissipate our energies on arguing over non-issues and quarreling with disinformation campaigns undertaken by the people who see an effective Lokpal as a grave threat to their interests.


I consider myself, Anna Hazare, a non-entity. In the history of a great nation and civilization, many Anna Hazares come and go. However, some of the crucial junctures of the history demand that we live up to our national values and ideals; not living up to those values and ideals is like a living death. That’s what I have learnt from the father of our great nation.


My indefinite fast was not aimed at getting the government or an individual to fulfill a wayward and irresponsible demand; it was meant to be a Satyagraha of the people of India to liberate ourselves from a monstrously corrupt system of governance.


The youth who are devoting some of the most beautiful phase of their lives on this movement for corruption-free India are our force.  The mothers and sisters who lit candles at public places are our light. The sweating foot soldiers of this movement who throw their hands skywards and shout the inspiring slogans are our energy. The Indians who have seen a ray of hope in this movement for a better future will also be the dreamers who will envision a fairer and nobler India.


The handful of people who have allowed themselves to be led astray by corruption and injustice will find the right path. That’s our hope.

I appeal to each Indian to keep our unity in this fight against corruption. Each one of us makes up the India, the entire India. So each one of us matter in this struggle to make our government clean and serve our collective interests.


I am hopeful that this movement will help clean up and strengthen all our democratic institutions.


I appeal to you not to pay attention to disinformation and distractive campaigns.


I pray to the Almighty God to give us strength to keep our unity and integrity.


May God bless us all!


Yours affectionately,


Anna Hazare

13th April 2011


Rajinikanth wants to join Hazare’s!

13 Apr

Rajinikanth says corruption is the biggest issue facing Tamil Nadu politics today!

While all eyes are on the battle between the DMK and the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, superstar Rajinikanth has voted for Anna Hazare.

The actor expressed his desire to work for the anti-corruption crusader’s campaign as he cast his vote on Wednesday, sayingcorruption is the biggest issue facing Tamil Nadu politics.

“I want to work with Anna Hazare to remove corruption,” the actor said, adding, “Corruption is the biggest issue facing the state today.”

Emphasising the need for special attention to be paid to farmers for their betterment, Rajinikanth said, “Whoever comes to power will need to work for the welfare of poor people and farmers.”

Tamil Nadu went to elect its new assembly on Wednesday. The ruling-DMK led front is battling serious odds with the AIADMK-combine launching an all out offensive to dislodge Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, veteran of many a successful electoral battle in his seven decades of public life.


12 Apr

Dear Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,


Hello from typical mouse from Mumbai. After Mumbai attack I had written a letter to Mr. Manmohan Singh, with the hope that at least once in life time he will behave like Sardar who were always in forefront of protecting the nation, but he has turn out to be worse than a mouse. I realize you are the king maker, hence I am addressing this letter to you.


Today you requested Mr. Anna Hazare to end his fast. For last one month Mr. Hazare had been writing to you and PM, none of you even bothered to reply. Suddenly you realize that every Indian is with him, and that is the reason you decided to request Mr. Anna Hazare to end his fast.


Let me ask you few simple questions.


Why one of the best presidents that is Dr. Abdul Kalam was removed? Isn’t it because he had objected to your becoming Prime minster? In the disguise of giving gift of woman president you selected Mr. Pratibha Patil, her only qualification is that she used to do dishes for Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Royalty to Gandhi family never goes unrewarded. If you were concerned with welfare of Indian people you would have selected person like Ms. Kiran Bedi, but you wanted a perfect rubber stamp just like Dr. Manmohan Singh.



Coming back to issue of corruption.


Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh has destroyed Mumbai. In the disguise of giving house to homeless he kept on increasing FSI to help builders, so that all the money can be sent to Delhi & Congress can fight election. In last eight year prices of flats has increased three times and now AAM ADAMI cannot even dream of having his own house. Same Vilasrao Deshmukh was fined Rs 10 laks by Supreme Court for helping money lender who was charging poor farmer interest of 10% per month that is 120% per year! Instead of taking action against Mr. Vilasrao  Deshmukh he was made rural minister. Funds allotted for rural development is Rs 4 Lakh crore and who could have better person than Mr. Deshmukh to divert the fund to Delhi?


More than a year has passed. Since Suresh Kalmadhi ‘s role in CWG scam has been exposed. Till today he is roaming free. How long this drama of CBI interrogations will go on?


Then there is Mr. Rane, minister from Maharashtra. Mumbai high court has passed severe stricture against him for snatching land from poorest of poor and giving it to industrial house. Even Mrs. Indira Gandhi who was never known for her honesty did take action against a former chief minister when he was indicted by high court for corruption, but you who advocate zero corruption did not utter a single word and Mr. Rane continues to be honorable minister.


There were truck load of corruption charges against Ms. Mayawati, they were dropped when she supported your party during no confidence motion. If you call this helplessness of coalition government, then what about helplessness of a poor person who steals bread for his children, what’s about helplessness of government servant who takes bribe so he can send his children to good school, what’s about helplessness of an officer who cannot afford to buy house in south Mumbai so he indulge in act of corruption?


Hasan Ali is highest income tax evader not only in history of India but the whole word. Till today he has not been even charged. He has given name of three chief ministers who has helped him. So far no action is being taken against them. We keep on reading that he as support of senior minister from Maharashtra. Why you are silent on this issue?


In 2G scam besides losing huge money, just think of opportunity lost by our young and brilliant scientist & engineers to be at par with the world. We are second to none in this world, but this cancer of corruption has ruined our body, our mind & our soul.


Last but not least , what’s about crores & crores of rupees with Swiss bank. How long your finance minister will keep on fooling us? Just with help of a simple SMS sent by Swiss bank, American government could force Swiss bank to reveal the name of account holder, why Indian government cannot do anything. Reason is very simple, if anybody is punished he will reveal the name of all politicians and bureaucrats involved. There is proverb in Hindi “Teri bhi Chup, meri bhi Chup” meaning you keep quiet and I will also keep quiet.


There is not even iota of resemblance between your word and your action. I will rather trust a prostitute who tells that she is a virgin, rather than trusting your word about zero corruption.


So much I love India and love my people. I wish my best of best luck to Mr. Anna Hazare. I hope every Indian writes on every currency note that “WE SUPPORT ANNA HAZARE”. If not the voice of people at least these currency notes will reach your corrupt ministers and the parties who are supporting your government.


Indian Innovators!

11 Apr

Best Dialogue ever – Namastey London (Proud To Be An Indian))

31 Mar

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