Baba Ramdev not mature enough to lead: Anna Hazare

11 Jun

A day after he declared his campaign would have no truck with Ramdev’s call to arms, social crusader Anna Hazare on Friday said the yoga guru was “not mature enough to lead a social movement as he does not have expertise other than yoga”. 

In an interview, Hazare said: “To get involved in social work, one needs to be alert about many things and Baba is yet to learn it. Baba has the habit of taking decisions unilaterally.”

After news came in that Ramdev, who has been on an indefinite fast at Haridwar, was shifted to hospital, Hazare urged the government to open a dialogue with him on “humanitarian grounds”. Hazare said Ramdev had a right to protest against the government as it was a legitimate right of an individual in a democracy. 

Hazare who is pressing the union government for enacting the Jan Lokpal Bill before August 15, explained why he distancing himself from Ramdev. “In our agitation, we discuss the developments with other activists, share ideas, welcome suggestions before taking a decision. This is the way to run any campaign or agitation. Baba’s thought process is not like us, hence there are some shortcomings in his way of protest which has benefited the government.” But he acknowledged their target was the same.

Meanwhile, a group of Ramdev’s followers from Pune visited Ralegan Siddhi on Friday morning to extend their support to Hazare’s campaign. The followers said that though Baba was their spiritual guru, they did not agree with his call to arms in the fight against corruption and they would join Hazare’s protest.


2 Responses to “Baba Ramdev not mature enough to lead: Anna Hazare”

  1. kukkumol June 11, 2011 at 11:50 pm #

    First my dear media & Social concern public Please try unearthing the scams that have come to limelight recently. And also about the nations black fund stagnant at Swiss banks.

    Baba has got or amassed wealth by providing health cure to tons of public who have equally patronised his drugs because of the benefits they have gained. Or else he would not have survived since 1995.

    SInce 1947 the nation had seen a lot of inspiring Leaders & Great Souls but we were only a developing Nation Then, Now & till when? a million dollar question.

    Nobody has the right answer to this or do not want to expose the realty, which inturn would ruin them. Other wise so much of our currency would never sulk in a distant land.

    Getting Back to the baba affair, most of the guns that are aimed at him, some time back were praising him for rekindling the spirit of Yoga across the Globe.

    Today he is ridiculed because of his stands on exposing, one & all. So we the public must assess what we should do, than go by the media reports, who crave for TRP ratings more then the Genuinity.

    Be it the BabaJi or the HazareJi or who ever is the leader – lets all join to uproot corruptio

  2. kukkumol July 17, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    If baba is a dhongi baba, then for last 7 years ,what was the govt doing? Why they send 4 ministers? Why they called baba for talks? Why they allowed to organize the yoga camp as the govt claims? could dhong has given him this worldwide popularity? And if govt was knowingly doing these all silly things means the govt is the biggest dhongi.And for this they must apologize.The govt should except that they cheat the public and for this reason they must quit.

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