9 Mar

Bill Gates, the self-made billionaire start managing Microsoft since when he was only about 20 years old. He became the youngest billionaire in his 30s and at the age of 39, his wealth beats Warren Buffet (wealthiest stock investor), he became the world’s richest man. Bill Gates was once an ordinary man just like you and me. However, he uses his own talent and hard work, he founded Microsoft and now has got everything he deserves, wealth, power, credibility.

So you see, even the richest man in the world has his hard time. Do you think that Mr Gates never fought for his career? Do you think that he was born lucky and with all the talents? Of course not! He learn through the hard time and able to cope with it. You know what, if he can do it, so can you.

Principle 1 – Adapt to your life. You must accept that life is unfair. Nobody is born perfect and lucky, you must learn to adapt to your life, then change it. How your live is going to be will be totally lies in your hand. You must manage and handle your own life.

Principle 2 – Pursue for success. This world will not care who you are, you must pursue for success only then you can get a foothold in your life. Success is the highest state of life, it can change your behavior and attitude, and even your self-esteem. If you think that success doesn’t belong to you, that is a lame thinking.

Principle 3 – No pain, no gain. Success will never come automatically, you need to pay for it if you desire for it. This is the basic principle in our life, you aren’t going to become a CEO of certain company if you don’t work for it. You will not going to make $10k a month if you’re not paying any effort in it. Therefore stop thinking that success will drop from heaven, without hard work , success will not be yours.

Principle 4 -Change your attitude. If you think that your teachers in school are strict, think about your boss after you’ve gone for work. So stop blaming other people and change your attitude on how you look at things.

Principle 5– Everything matters. No matter small or big business, they can make you money. Small business can grows into big businesses. Thus, by slowly taking small steps everyday, you can achieve big result one day.

Principle 6 – Learn from mistakes. This is what Mr Gates urges us to do. We need to learn from our mistakes. Everyone will make mistakes, nobody is perfect in this world. If you ever made a mistake, then learn from it, and never repeat it again. Only by doing so, you can improve yourself to a higher level of success.

Principle 7 – Do it yourself. In this world, you will have to do most of the things yourself. Stop relying on others. If you keep on relying on others, you will not learn the process. The more you rely on other, the more you will lose yourself to them, and hence you will keep on relying on them. This is your own success, not others!

Principle 8 -You’ve got only one chance. Many things in our life only happen once. Therefore you’ve have to take that chance and appreciate it. Sometimes if you’ve lost that chance, don’t worry, you can always create it.

Principle 9 – Value your time. We’ve got only 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’ve don’t have much time in fact, life is short. You must learn to value your time. Put your time into process that can makes you grow, makes you success. Just remember this, don’t bring today’s tasks to tomorrow.

Principle 10 – Do what you suppose to do. What you see in television everyday is not the real world. In the real world, you need to get out and work things out.

Principle 11 – Be good with everyone around you. This is the golden rule of life, treat everyone good, and everyone will treat you good. So if you want to be rich, make other people rich first. This golden rule of life will not change, and you have to follow it in order to success.

All the above are the principles from Bill Gates, I grabbed this article from my local newspaper. I hope that you can learn from what Mr Gates had gone through. He is wealthy not because he is lucky or born with extra talent. He is wealthy because he lives through his life with his principles. Mr Gates believe that there is no “luck” in achieving success, he believes in principles and rules.



  1. alok March 12, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    these principles are very influential and are to be followed by each one of us.

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